This 110 Year Old Photo Led To A Mind-Blowing Discovery. How Is This Even Possible?

The beauty below is Jonathon the giant tortoise. Being the oldest living tortoise on Earth certainly makes up for not being the fastest animal on the block. Matter of fact, Jonathon may be the oldest land animal currently living! So how old is Jonathon?

The photo of Jonathan on the left was taken in 1902. At the time, he was already 70 years old. 


When Jonathan was brought to his home on the island of St. Helena in 1882, he was already a full size adult. It takes giant tortoises 50 years to reach their adult size.


This means that he was born around 1832.


At 182-years-old, Jonathan is still going strong. 







Source: Boredpanda

While Jonathon may be slow going, he is probably going to outlive most of us. He’s actually not the oldest land animal ever as other tortoises have lived longer. One unconfirmed India tortoise is said to have lived up to 250 years!

Pretty incredible to imagine how different the world was when Jonathon was first hatched and how the world is today.

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