16 Camera Hacks To Take Flawless Pictures

Since we are living in an age where everything we eat, drink, and do is photographed, it’s obviously very important to have those photos stand out. Not all of us are pro’s (despite what social media profiles will read), and not all of us can afford expensive lenses to make our photo’s pop. But there are a number of cool camera hacks you can do on the cheap that will totally make your shots stand out and look unique. Check out these 16 tricks and see what you can come up with the next time you photograph your dinner, drink, or your self.

1. Stylized vintage photos using Vaseline


2. A bean bag tripod


3. DIY bokeh shapes


4. DIY lens hood from a coffee sleeve


5. DIY studio style snoot for lighting


via Digital Camera World

6. Use lentils to reduce camera shake

Ben Birchall - 078726533627
via Digital Camera World

7. In case you need a ring flash

via Flickr / Trazomfreak

8. Make your own lightbox at home using paper and a window


via Digital Camera World

9. Create photo haze with a sandwich bag

1via Handimania

10. Add some variety with DIY backdrops

via Sarah Hearts |Mrs. Beach Bride

11. Turn your phone into a shutter remote with Trigger Trap

via Trigger Trap

12. Make your own felt carrying case to protect and easily transport your camera

via Lomography

13. Make your own rain-proof camera bag

via Cnet 

14. Bounce the flash with a business card

via DIY Photography

15. Make a light diffuser from an empty milk carton

via Digital Camera World

16. Macro lens made from a toilet roll

via Digital Camera World

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