86 Year Old Grandma Takes On The Most Unexpected Job

Age discrimination should not be tolerated, regardless of the profession one chooses, right?

Well this story may put your beliefs to the test! Here’s an 86-year-old woman who has done her time in the workplace. After finally retiring as a high school cook, Lizzy Oliver from Alabama had the next phase of her life to look forward to. But it was definitely not going to be spent in a rocking chair with a yarn and needle.

86 Year Old Grandma Becomes a Stripper


Instead of the rocking chair, she opted for a pole. A stripper pole. Her local senior center offered pole dancing lessons, likely intended as simply a fun form of exercise for seniors to engage in.

Little did they know Ol’ Lizzy was going to turn her lessons into a new profession as an erotic dancer.

She had already done it all. Married for decades, seven kids and numerous grandchildren, and a career taken to retirement. Yet something happened to Lizzy when she began swinging around that pole. Her sex drive increased and she felt completely alive living each moment in the present. She now tours the country dancing in a number of clubs and meeting more people than she ever would have otherwise.

This pole dancing phenom has naturally caught the eye of the adult entertainment industry and apparently Lizzy has been thrown some offers for doing adult film in the future.

Lizzy says she hasn’t gone forward with any offers to do porn yet, but she is open to the possibility as long as the situation is right. At 86-years-old, Lizzy realizes she would be seen as a freak if she were to do porn. So she would prefer playing up that freak role by having sex with the likes of other freaks such as dwarfs or sumo wrestlers.

Lizzy is a great example of age having no barrier when it comes to living out your dreams, or completely re-creating your life when society instead is telling you to pull up a rocking chair and go out doing nothing. You go Lizzy!

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