Doctors Claimes ‘B.J’s’ Are Good For Women’s Health And Helps Fights Depression

According to a recent study, oral s*x is actually a healthy and feel-good remedy for women! Researchers examined the mood-alternating chemicals contained in semen and found the effects to be highly beneficial for women.

The s*x lives of 293 women were compared with their mental health through surveys by the State University of New York, after researchers discovered that seminal fluid actually contained chemicals that elevated mood as well as increased affection, encouraged sleep, and contained three antidepressant elements.


They found semen contains chemicals such as spermatozoa and cortisol as well as estrone and oxytocin which increases mood to positive levels. Melatonin and serotonin were also found which aids with sleeping and also serves as an antidepressant. There were many other “mind-altering drugs” found in semen as well.

Furthermore, the women who performed better on cognitive tests and were less depressed were the ones who had regular unprotected s*x.

Psychologist Steven Platek as well as researches Gallup and Burch determined that due to the drugs in semen, women having unprotected s*x should be depressed much less than a control group.

What are the benefits of semen?

Women exposed to semen were also found to perform much better on tasks which required concentration and cognitive skills. Apparently a woman’s body can also detect different semen than what they may be used to. In other words, their bodies can react different from a new s*xual partner versus a longer term, regular s*x partner, leading researchers to believe this has been a system that’s been evolving. It contributes to unsuccessful pregnancies from strangers, as the body signals a male that’s not invested and thus likely not to provide for the end result (a child).

Depression does set in when the regularly inseminated woman suddenly breaks up with her long term partner. This may also be the cause for a quick turnaround in seeking new s*xual partners, or the “on the rebound” lingo which is associated with an ex’s sudden search for someone new.


The study took women from the university in Albany and had them fill out questionnaires regarding their s*x lives. The study was anonymous and covered various aspects of intimacy. They also took part in the Beck Depression Inventory which measures depression in individuals.

The big surprise was the unprotected s*x and low frequency of depression, compared to condom based s*x and depression levels. And the woman who practiced unprotected s*x were also less likely to experience depressive symptoms than women who abstained from s*xual activity altogether. While the condom users were on equal ground depressive-wise as the abstainers.

Researchers determined that it wasn’t just the act of s*x making the women happier, but that it could be the amount of sperm in a woman’s body which was increasing the feeling of well being.

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