A Surprise Guest Joins Bon Jovi Onstage. Their Song Instantly Brought Everyone To Tears

This may seem like an odd pairing, but the result was surprisingly superb and extremely emotional.

Sometimes when famous duo’s are created it really seems more like novelty than anything else. Certainly the result is “interesting” but usually not very moving. This is one of those exceptions.

The song is “Always On My Mind” and the singers are Willie Nelson and Bon Jovi. What people in the audience expected out of this pairing, I’m not sure. But what they got was nothing short of magnificent. People actually had tears forming while this song was sung by these two powerhouses. Indeed it is a moving song, and when sung like this you can really feel the impact it has. The message that comes across definitely forces one to reflect on loved ones and the important nature of expressing that love to one another as often as we can.

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