Bully Cop Arrests Public Defender for Trying to Protect Her Client’s Constitutional Rights

San Francisco, Calif. –

Police handcuffed and arrested  a San Francisco deputy public defender. At the Hall of Justice, Jami Tillostson tried to protect her client’s constitutional rights, and she was then arrested in a blatant attempt at police intimidation.

She denied officer’s attempts to photograph her client and according to Public Defender Jeff Adachi, it brings up serious questions regarding police intimidation, as Tillotson was booked on a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge.

“This is not Guantanamo Bay. You have an absolute right to have a lawyer with you when you’re questioned. Ms. Tillotson was simply doing her job,” said Adachi

Plainclothes officers began to question one of Tillotson’s clients after he had appeared on a misdemeanor theft charge and was leaving the courtroom.

Tillotson quickly interjected herself into the police questioning as soon as she discovered her client was being questioned without her being present.

“I asked questions. I talked to my client and explained to him his rights. At that point, I was told I was interfering and taken into custody,” said Tillotson.

Police claim they were acting lawfully and were investigating a case as to which Tillotson’s client was a person of interest.

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