Can You Actually The Future Of The Umbrella Is Coming, And It’s Pretty Freaking Sweet

Amazing how some things never change. Take the umbrella. The basic design has remained the same for decades. But, that may soon change. And change very, very drastically. The Air Umbrella is an amazing invention from China that does not have a canopy or metal spokes. It actually uses air to repel the rain from hitting you. Amazing!


With three different sizes and a battery that lasts for 30 minutes, this new umbrella can cover a an area of about three and a half feet in diameter, which is the same as a normal sized umbrella. The release date is slated for sometime in 2015, depending on how well the company’s Kickstarter campaign does.








(H/T Distractify / Metro) (via Chuan Wang)

**Update: the project was fully funded and people can expect shipment sometime in December of 2015. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook.

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