The Government Is Seriously Considering Chemically Castrating Pedophiles.

How far should justice be allowed to go?


Should the police be allowed to mutilate, castrate? Well if you’re in New South Wales, Australia they’re considering allowing their police to do just that!

The plan would be to have them take a certain anti-libido pill to reduce sexual desire and in some cases, remove their ability to function sexually at all. This pill is already under use on a voluntary basis for any and all wishing to take it, though it is still highly controversial.

One of the worrying statistics that came out of our investigation is that up to 17 per cent of child sex offenders are likely to reoffend in two years. We must do everything possible to reduce that figure.

New South Wales Justice Minister Troy Grant said

The biggest concern I have with this is, what about the people who are actually innocent? Would it be morally and ethically right to just have to suffer through and take the punishment? Let us know what you think! Share and discuss, should it be adapted everywhere?

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