16 HILARIOUS Attempts To Make Shit Food Look Fancy. #6 Made Me Fall Out My Chair, LOL!

You’ve heard how food presentation can make or break a meal, right?

Well here is the ultimate test. What happens when you take the most cheap and generic foods and attempt to present them in a way that actually looks appetizing? Well, more often than not the result is a total fail! Sometimes there is simply no hope for dressing up chicken nuggets or trying to make something fancy out of the classic American hotdog. One should simply leave these alone and not even bother with trying to make them look pretty. Yet there are those who do try and you are about to see some of the most classic attempts at making bad food look good. Some of these are simply sad, while others you can at least give a nod for effort, yet then you have the flat out nasty. I’m referring to the ramen noodle crusted pizza as an example of the nasty. Give it a look, but definitely don’t give it a try!

Here are the top 16 most pathetic attempts at food preparation:

1. Chicken nuggets on a bed of microwaved mac n’ cheese


2. Eau Braised Octodog on a bed of Shells Au Fromage


3. Deconstructed Chili Slaw Dog


4. Toast circles topped with American cheese, cold hot dogs and julienne pickles


5. A chicken nugget, expired brie and curly fries


6. Bacon and ramen wrapped hot dog with sriracha drizzle and hot sauce reduction


7. Hard boiled eggs and shrimp suspended in a ring of lime jello, served cold


8. Cheese plate


9. Tangy cheese Doritos and a cut-up hot dog with undercooked pasta


10. Ramen-Crust Pizza


11. Pork fried rice in an elegant moulded shope


12. Improvised ranch cup made out of some used foil, served with a carrot


13. Just a small soiree I threw together


14. Le Chocolat Turde


15. Crushed ice with a sriracha drizzle


16. Mysterious Casserole


So which of the above dishes are you going to prepare for you dinner party this weekend? Why not consider making all 16 of these dishes? There would be something for everyone. The seafood crowd would go nuts over the shrimp embedded in green jello, while the kids would love a refreshing sriracha slushie. And of course you can’t go wrong with a few ramen noodle crusted pizzas, sure to appeal to everyone.

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