She Carried This Dirty Tree Branch Inside Her House. When I Saw Why, I MUST Try This!

If you have a pet, you know the expense of food and care, not to mention all of the accessories that keep your pet active and playful.

And if you are a cat owner you know the high cost of purchasing a cat tree from a pet store. These are pretty expensive, but cats absolutely love them. So what do do? This crafty person found a way to recycle an object and turn it into a cat tree that her cat would love. Not only that, she made something that would actually look great inside her home, far more appealing than the store bought versions.

This woman needed to cut a tree down in her yard. She then got the idea to use some of the leftover debris to create something totally cool for her cat, and something she wouldn’t mind having inside her home.

Here’s the tree she started with. Once she plucked the leaves and cut the branches, it was ready for the next step.

She selected specific limbs as she had a spiral staircase idea in mind.


She cut out two circles for the base as stability and extra weight.


Lag screws attached the base, and everything else got both screwed and glued together.


Next was one last trimming of the branches.

Now for the cut out shelves templates.


She then jigsawed the templates onto maple plywood.


She now had some pretty awesome looking shelves!


Lag bolts would then attach the shelves to the branches.


Time to cut out some carpet and attach it to the shelves.


Now it is time for some varnish.


Cat’s love the rope, so she wrapped some around the branches.


The result is a beautiful cat tree which was cheaply created using recycled wood from her own tree.


Will the kitties like it?




This creation recycled wood and provided a cost efficient alternative to purchasing those expensive cat trees from pet stores.


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