BREAKING: Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Was Raped In His Cell

Shocking news out of South Carolina as it is being reported that Dylann Roof, the Charleston Church Shooter, has just been raped inside his prison cell.

He remains in critical condition in a prison infirmary for treatment of multiple injuries due to being sexually assaulted numerous times. He is also being put on a suicide watch. Apparently two African-American prisoners were responsible for the assault according to the correction officer who was on duty. Sergeant Oliver released the following statement:

“At approximately 5:50 p.m., we received reports that a sexual assault had occurred on cell block 5 where several inmates are located including Dylann Roof. Two correctional officers responded to cell block 5 to investigate the reports. When Officer Jackson inspected the inmate cells, he heard a cry come from the middle section of the tier. Officer Dickson immediately ran down to the cells located in the section to find Roof unclothed, tied to the frame of his bunk bed, with blood leaking from his backside and his undergarments covering his face. Both officers, called medical staff to the tier to assess the situation.”

According to the medical reports released thus far, Roof’s rectal cavity was severely stretched out, indicating numerous rapes occurred in violent fashion.

The doctor overseeing Roof’s care gave the following statement:.

“After examining Roof, we have confirmed that he was sexually assaulted. His injuries are severe and his requires immediate surgery to repair his rectum. A marking was also left on his back that read “Black Owned” which appeared to have been carved into his skin,” according to Dr. Nicols of the prison.

Reports have indicated that there is some confusion as to how prisoners gained access to Roof’s cell, which was occupied solely by Roof. Other reports indicate cheering could be heard while the rape was occurring from other inmates in their cell.

Roof was conscious when he was taken to the hospital and allegedly made racial slurs to nurses on staff who were overseeing his initial examination. It’s being said Roof used the N-word to describe his assailants while mentioning how large their private parts were. He also shed some light on the environment surrounding the rape, stating that white inmates stood around and didn’t do anything to protect him, apparently intimidated by the well endowed assaulters. The suicide watch became implemented after Roof made comments that he wasn’t sure he would be able to live after this experience.

Prison officials are busy trying to figure out how this occurred and if anyone on staff assisted in allowing the attack to take place.

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