Eagle Was Tragically Shot in The Face, 3D Printing Saved Her Life

Bald Eagles are America’s bird, and some of the most gorgeous creatures you’ll find in the Midwest of the states.

This is ‘Beauty,’ a northern Idaho Bald Eagle that lost her ability to hunt and almost lost her life; it was entirely possible she wouldn’t make it very long on her own.

It’s unsure if the shot that hit her was intentional or an accident, but either way this incredible rehabilitation center worked together with a mechanical engineer in order to 3-D print a whole new beak for her, to get her back to the wild. Through two hours of trial and error, they were finally able to give Beauty the second chance she deserves.
Three-dimensional printing has become increasingly popular and the possibilities for the technology are ever increasing. With stories like this coming to light we can only hope they continue along with the research and development for other animals as well.

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