Terrorist Bomb Prankster Shot While Making Another Prank

Asking to use common sense is apparently too much for some people, and unfortunately hard lessons come when you don’t. Take the now infamous Jalal brothers for example; thy use their YouTube channel to make completely inappropriate pranks on unsuspecting bystanders. These pranks aren’t innocent, and they’ve now got an injury (possibly more) to prove it.


They ended up performing a fake bomb scare prank – their fourth – on a weapons consultant for the military. Instead of running and screaming like the rest of the victims in the past, he pulled out a gun and shot one of the pranksters right in the gut. How stupid do you have to be to even consider doing something like this? Well, the weapons consultant is named Scotty Southam, and it’s yet to be determined if charges will be filed against him, but they better not.

That was a man who believed his and other’s lives to be in danger and he responded in the exact same way many other would have, this mistake falls on the Jalal brothers entirely. Take a look at some of the earlier pranks the group has done before and see for yourself, common sense states they asked for this to happen, wouldn’t you agree?

Pictured: Scott Southam



Below: Videos from previous “pranks”

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