She Was Found Sleeping On The Dirty Ground Outside His House. What He Built For Her Blew His Neighbors Away!

Homelessness and poverty is a huge issue world-wide. Even in the United States, there are more than 3 million people that are homeless. Although the government is working on drastically reducing these numbers, it apparently has not happened fast enough. The reason is, we can’t just rely on the government to fix such a massive problem. We have to reach inside our own hearts and do something about it, not today, but now.

Elvis Summers, from Los Angeles, California had an experience close to home with homelessness. His neighbor Smokie would often sleep on the dirt right outside his house. She would often knock on his door and ask for cans or anything else he didn’t need that she could somehow trade in for a few cents or dollars. A few dollars can only take a homeless person but so far. So Elvis decided to do something about it. Something that would provide long-lasting value to Smokie’s life. A few years back he had seen a program about making homes for the homeless out of used / discarded materials. He then decided he would do the same thing for 60 year old Smokie, an actual place for her to live and rest her bones.

The project is completed in the time lapse video below and only cost him $500 to complete this mobile home. But there can be no price tag placed on giving someone their own place to call home. What are your thoughts about this idea? Do you think if this was done across the U.S. homeless rates would drop to an all time low? SHARE this with family and friends on Facebook and let us know your thoughts!

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