New Research Claims That Going Down On Women Is Good For Your Health

Recently a study was released that had men jumping for joy.

The State University of New York found that performing oral s*x on men was actually beneficial in a health related way! While men are jumping up and down, women are now joining them as a parallel study has been released which says that cunnilingus has it’s own health benefits as well, which affect both men and women.

The Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, looked at over 150 straight and lesbian couples. Half the group was instructed to heavily get down orally in their relationship. The other half was instructed to abstain from cunnilingus. The results were noticeably different in relation to stress levels, anxiety issues, sleep quality and overall intimacy in the relationship.


It turns out that going downtown actually encourages the production of hormones like DHEA and oxytocin, both during arousal and during actual orgasm. These hormones are cancer and heart disease fighters.

Insomnia can also be dealt with by going down on a woman. There is a sedative effect that takes place. Oxytocin and endorphins are released and these are sleep encouragers, and even serve as migraine headache relievers.

The surprising thing is that these benefits are not just rewarded to the receiver, but to the giver as well! The arousal which goes along with giving can produce all the same hormones, thus providing all the same benefits!


Let’s not forget the basic benefits of cunnilingus. Women get off much more often and easier from cunnilingus than from standard s*x.

For men, the big culprit between the sheets is premature ejaculation. Not lasting long enough during s*x is a huge problem for a lot of guys. Getting off too early can ruin s*x with a partner. Many s*x experts recommend going down on a woman first to get her engine warmed up. If you are a guy, then you don’t have to worry so heavily about PE as she will have a head start in the arousal department.

Woman showing at her boyfriend under the bedsheet.

Woman showing at her boyfriend under the bedsheet.

Well, you can’t beat this kind of research! Share this great news with all your friends and start encouraging these healthy benefits to take place more often!


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