This Guy Began With Nothing. What He Built In Just A Few Weeks? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

It’s amazing what can be done in the right location with little money.

When most people think of building their own home, the location is usually a suburban setting and the price tag is almost always far north of $100,000, many times double, triple, or quadruple that. This guy took $9000 dollars, went to Thailand and created his dream house in only 6 weeks.

Steve started from scratch.

He decided on using cement and clay bricks. With his friends to help him out, construction got under way..

The base structure costs $6,000 as materials in Thailand are very inexpensive compared to costs in other countries..

An additional $3,000 was spent on details.

As you can see, the outcome of their work is just incredible. It’s amazing what he did with limited resources, starting with a pile of dirt and creating something visually remarkable. Not only did he make a home, but it actually looks very beautiful and high-end expensive!!

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