Japanese Fisherman Reels In Mutant-Looking Fish Near The Fukushima Plant

Meet Hirasaka Hiroshi, a very proud Japanese fisherman with a bit of an odd hobby; he fishes up all types of odd fish to eat!

He’s even made a career by hooking the unordinary, or the strange. This time, he caught something a bit bigger than the usual and successfully wrangled a monster of a tadpole! Just kidding, though it does look like some evolved form of mega-tadpole, aside from the fact that it’s a fish with some massive fins you would barely be able to tell!

The fish is not only alarmingly large, it also looks as though it has just swam fresh from the set of a horror film and this guy is a braver man than I am for even having the guts to pick it up.

From the look on his face hopefully he didn’t throw his back out lifting up this monster. Share this amazing discovering with friends and family below!


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