FDA Confiscates Several Thousand Chickens From KFC Farms As Mutations Worsen

The FDA has raided one of KFC’s biggest chicken suppliers and the photos being released are nothing short of shocking.

While it is well known that in order to keep profits steady and growing, as well as to keep up with supply, the use of steroids and growth hormone to produce the plumpest chickens in the industry have been a regular practice at KFC.

This practice has created many a conspiracy theory over the physical appearance of these birds, many claiming that they are simply “mutant looking.” While these rumors were more conspiracy than reality, it now looks as if the tables have turned as these photos seem to prove the mutant chicken theory is indeed real.

Experiments in which the creation of four legged chickens were well underway and yielding positive results. Additional legs on a chicken would give KFC an added 12.5 million dollar profit margin increase per year. Now it looks as if KFC will be heavily fined if convicted. The fines could be as high as 7 million dollars while the company could also face restaurant closings and potential lawsuits from consumers who could claim they have suffered health problems from eating the mutant chickens.

Check out these horrendous photos below:







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