Pizza delivery man arrested after ‘being caught on hidden camera having sex with family dog’

When the family dog began limping and acting odd around people, a concerned roommate realized something was not right and decided to set up a hidden camera in the house in hopes of getting some clues in regards to the strange behavior of their beloved German Shepherd.

What was discovered on the video was nothing short of shocking.

Joshua Lee Werbicki from Florida, age 22, works as a pizza delivery driver. But Joshua’s shift ends, he apparently has a sickening pastime he has been regularly engaging in: having relations with the family dog. This horrid incident was caught on camera and Joshua was quickly detained and then charged with felony cruelty to animals as well as a misdemeanor s*x act with an animal.

Animal services state that the law does allow for an injunction that would bar Joshua from unsupervised contact with animals in the future. Police will be further reviewing the video which was turned over prior to his arrest,and which allegedly shows Joshua performing various sexual positions on the animal, which would explain the dogs bizarre, and no doubt trauma induced behavior, in recent weeks.

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