Man Gets His Drink Spiked By Girl And Wakes Up With No Testicles

After a night of drinking with an inviting woman, Russian actor and soap opera star Dmitry Nikolaev woke up to find his testicles missing. Following a theater performance in Moscow, the tragedy began at a bar when a younger blond woman joined him for drinks.


Despite being married, Nikolaev said yes when asked by the woman to go to a sauna with her. After a drink and a sauna, he blacked out. Police believe the girl had slipped something in his drink.

The next morning he woke in a bus top in pain and covered with blood. He was rushed to the hospital where the discovery was made regarding his missing testicles.

Police believe that the procedure was pulled off ‘skillfully’ in a manner that would indicate perhaps a gang who was selling black market organs could have been behind the act.

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