Man With No Arms Or Legs Convicted Of Sex Attack On Child

A man known to us only as ‘Tomy S.’ from East Germany has been convicted of sexually assaulting a child.


There’s something else to this story that kind of changes things a little – the 35-year-old man hasn’t got any arms or legs.

Man with no arms or legs

Apparently Tomy was invited over to a 6-year-old’s birthday party by the little girl’s mother, and while he was there eventually took the children to a room for story time. Now, according to the court testimony of the little girl the appendage-less man convinced the children he was a veterinarian, and they all played along. She also stated that they were playing a game of dares, and he eventually had to check her tummy. When he did that he asked all the other children to leave the room, at which point he began assaulting the young girl.

All this and he got a suspended sentence(!) of only 11 months and he can no longer have any type of contact with the family.

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