THIS Is Why Scientists Are Saying NOT To Make Your Bed Every Day

Do you hate making the bed every day? Well, you’re in luck.

According to scientists who spoke with the BBC, leaving your bed unmade allows the millions of creepy-looking dust mites who share the sack with you every night to die off.

reasons to not make your bed
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Dust mites feed on flakes of shed human skin. So they survive and reproduce the easiest in our mattresses and bedding (especially in pillows) which takes up moisture from long periods of body contact.

These microscopic critters are also a common cause of asthma and allergies. Basically, they’re the worst.

But there is a solution…

stop making bed
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Don’t make the bed!

And this time, it’s backed by science.

“We know that mites can only survive by taking in water from the atmosphere using small glands on the outside of their body,” Dr. Stephen Pretlove told the BBC. “Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and eventually die.”

So the next time your significant other complains about the bed not being made, don’t argue. Just say, “You’re welcome.”


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