Mud Shrimp Burrow Inside Woman After She Inserts Lobster Tail For Pleasure

Mud Shrimp Burrow Inside Woman After She Inserts Lobster Tail For Pleasure

A woman is dead after a series of unfortunate events occur when she decided to cure her loneliness in her bathtub with a lobster tail.

Investigators believe that Susy DaLucci, 21, must have woke up in the middle of the night in extreme stomach pain. After stumbling her way to the toilet, a horrifying burst of air came must have come from her private area, as she uncontrollably pushed out some type of smelly slush.

According to reports, her screams were so loud, the neighbors became concerned and called the police. When medics arrives, what they found was a nauseating.


“My team was the first to arrive on the scene,” said medic Thomas Lowery. “We found Ms. DaLucci on the floor, unresponsive in her bathrobe, with a stream of brown and green goo running down her leg with a small creature worming its way down the trail of slush. It took quite a while before we could actually figure out what was going on.”

According to the police report, the entire toilet bowl was filled with baby brown mud shrimp flipping and splashing back and forth.

Mud Shrimp Burrow In Woman's Vagina

Investigators believe that this incident was connected to the lobster tail that was found in the kitchen trashcan wrapped in a paper bag. Lab results showed traces of DaLucci’s DNA along with tiny hairs that wedge themselves between the lobster tail joints.

They believe that two nights prior to this incident she had purchased a live lobster from a fish market. That was the lobster tail she had brought into the bathtub with her.

The lobster’s digestive track and colon were found to be full of mud shrimp egg casing. Doctors believe that the lobster had eaten them and defecated them into Ms DaLucci as she “used it” that night.

According to Marine Biologist Howard Edgar, Maine mud shrimp only take two days to gestate. A woman’s womb would be the perfect pH balance to grow these mud shrimp which are a much larger version of the popular “Sea monkey” pet sold throughout the US. Overnight the eggs had hatched and the mud shrimp began doubling in size every 10 minutes. You can imagine the pain she was in when she woke up that morning and gave birth to well over 1,000 mud shrimp in her toilet.

According to the autopsy, the official cause of death was due to DaLucci going into shock and falling, causing her to hit her head on the toilet.

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