North Korea Lands First Ever Man On Saturn, Confirms Central News Agency

North Korea has issued a statement to the State News Agency that their recent space exploration mission to Saturn was a huge success.


It’s been confirmed that North Korea has become the first country to land a man on Saturn. Hung Il Gong made landfall on Saturn at approximately 3 a.m. this morning. He was in a specially designed, one man spacecraft that the North Korean’s have had under wraps for the last decade.

Upon landfall, Hung performed tests and navigation exercises from within his craft. Three hours later at 6:03 a.m., Hung deemed it safe to step outside and take a space walk.

Hung proceeded to proudly mount the North Korean flag on the planet while giving a muddled short speech praising Kim Jong-un for providing the opportunity to represent his country in such epic fashion.

A live television broadcast aired play by play audio of the events as they unfolded. A State news anchor said, “We are proud to announce our Saturn Space Mission a success! No one has ever done what North Korea has just done. Our hero, Hung Il Gong, is now mounting the North Korean flag on Saturn as I speak.”

A major welcoming home party is scheduled for 10 p.m. tonight when Hung is scheduled to fly his spaceship back home. He will meet with Kim Jong-un upon immediate return, reportedly bringing back dirt and rock samples as souvenirs for the supreme leader.

This recent accomplishment has launched North Korea to the top of the global space rankings, while North Korean officials are calling the epic space mission “the absolute greatest human achievement of all time.”

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