Mom Put Her Son To Bed With An Onion – The Reason Has Me Really Surprised

Before going to the store and buying expensive remedies to soothe your ailments, head into the kitchen and get yourself an onion.

Onions are indeed natural healers and they have actually been used for centuries as such. Here are some of the ailments that onions can effectively treat:


First let’s look at the onion.
Onions are rich in sulfur which provides it with strong antibacterial, as well as antiseptic, abilities, making it an ideal homeopathic treatment aid for a number of ailments.

Sinus infections.

Let’s start with the very common sinus infection. Chop an onion up, put it in a bowl, put your head over the bowl and inhale deeply. Your nose will soon become unstuffed and running, which is what you want to happen with stubborn, clogged up sinus infections.



So many people reach straight for that nasty cough syrup when they start to experience a nasty cough. Instead you can use an onion and other ingredients to get the relief you seek.


Nausea cure.

Take an onion, cut it in half, and put each half in your armpits. Now hold them there and relax and your nausea should fade away.


No more athletes foot.

The anti-fungal properties that onions possess can eliminate your athletes foot conditon! It gets rid of the fungus by simply rubbing onion juice on the infected area. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Then repeat three times a day until gone.


No more bugs!

Mosquitos are the most annoying ever, right? Now with a bag of onions, you can deter them from buzzing your way. Also, if you do get bit, be sure to hold some onion on the bite to reduce swelling and itching.


No more ear infections.

Ear infections are annoying as well as painful. You can use onions both internally and externally to get rid of ear infections. Here’s how


Cold cure.

Perhaps the most useful onion treatment is using it to cure the common cold. Onion tea to the rescue! Just make some simple onion tea and experience relief quickly.


Pimple eraser.

If you want to get rid of your pimples, skip the acne meds and instead head to the kitchen, grab an onion and combine it with half a cup of honey. Simmer the ingredients and mash them together. They will form a paste and you can use this to apply to the affected area.


Eye rubbish be gone!

What makes you cry? Why onions of course! It only makes sense to use this to our advantage when it comes to trying to get something out of our eyes. Naturally tearing up with the help of onions can rid that rubbish from your eye.


Hair loss prevention.

Even keeping your hair some have attributed to onions. Putting onion juice on your scalp is said to reduce hair loss as the sulfur content is so high and this has been attributed to maintaining a healthy head of hair.


Absolutely amazing that onions have all these natural abilities to help cure ailments. I’m definitely going the onion route first before resorting to expensive drugstore remedies. SHARE these wonderful onion remedies with your friends and family!

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