15 Reasons Why Tequila Is Actually Really F*cking Good For You

People love their tequila. When it comes to a go-to alcohol of choice, you can’t go wrong with the no limitations tequila shot.

You see bar buddies all the time bickering among one another over which type of round to buy. Will it be Jameson, vodka, Fireball? Without fail, if someone suggests tequila, all the other choices are soon forgotten, and a round of tequila shots it is.

There’s even  deep-Fried tequila that can actually get you drunk. Could you see people doing this with another type of alcohol? No way. Tequila reigns supreme.

Let’s get it on and go straight into some eye opening benefits of tequila. Some you may have never believed possible. Check these out:

1. It helps lower blood sugar


Havina, which is a sugar that comes from the agave plant, is used to produce tequila. It triggers insulin production and therefore lowers blood sugar.

We can thank our friends at the American Chemical Society for this one.

2. It aids in weight loss


That’s right. Certain elements in tequila can help you lose weight. ACS testing found that tequila helped overweight mice lose a noticeable amount of pounds.

3. You don’t really get hungover


Now, many might disagree, but many are also consuming that nasty watered-down tequila. Now, pure 100% agave tequila is a different story. Try giving this a hangover test and see if that headache is the same.

4. You can drink it straight without wanting to throw up afterward


You’ve probably thrown back a straight shot of vodka before and felt the immediate response of wanting to heave it back up. With tequila, it instead sails smoothly down your throat and the urge to heave it back up and out is just not there.

5. It helps fight cholesterol


First let’s talk about increasing fiber in your diet. This helps in the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Agavins, like fiber, lower triglycerides in the blood and levels of cholesterol as determined by researchers in Plant Foods For Human Nutrition.

6. Tequila may be used to help treat colds


Did you know that doctors in Mexico during the 1930’s would promote a tequila concoction to fight off common colds? They would prescribe:  .5 ounce of tequila blanco; .5 ounce of agave nectar; .5 ounce of fresh lime juice.

7. It helps you numb the pain


Dilating the blood vessels results in better blood flow which minimize pain levels. This is yet another benefit which tequila promotes. And of course there is emotional pain as well which tequila is known to assist with.

8. It can serve as a “drug delivery system”


Huh? So when drugs are taken, the acid in your stomach breaks them down before they are able to hit your intestines, which in turn decreases the drug’s effectiveness. Tequila acts as a barrier which protects these drugs so they can work their way into your system more efficiently.

9. Diabetics can indulge too


Sugar is present in alcohol and this is what poses an issue for diabetics. With tequila however, the sugar content is significantly less, thus it has a much less impact on blood sugar.

10. You look like a damn badass on a first date


Many females seem to go the safe route when ordering drinks on a first date. It seems the only appropriate route to go is a simple glass of wine.

But try ordering tequila if you really want to stand out and make a long-lasting impression. No guy will soon forget how cool a girl is who orders tequila on a first date!

11.  It won’t make you feel as fat as vodka and beer


You know that bloating feel you get with other kinds of alcohol, especially beer. Tequila regulates the absorption of fat in your intestines and because of that you avoid the “bloat feeling”.

12. You don’t have to waste your calories on a chaser


Need to buy an extra soda for your chaser? Not with tequila. One of the big benefits is using cheap chasers like salt and lime with tequila. But honestly, you really don’t even need a chaser if you go for a decent tequila which will actually taste great on its own.

13. Everyone respects a person who rolls up with a bottle of tequila to a pregame


You know “those people” who insist on bringing their pregame bottle of Fireball to the party. There’s actually a word to describe them: basic.

A person that is going to stand out is going to leave Fireball on the shelf and instead show up at the pregame busting out a good bottle of tequila. Now your party is ON!

14. It cleans your colon in a different way than you may think


Researchers at Mexico’s University of Guadalajara claim that blue agave found in tequila actually helps to deliver drugs to the colon. This in turn helps to treat illnesses like Crohn’s disease, colitis and even cancer. And it also treats irritable bowel syndrome!

15. It chills you out and helps you sleep



Tequila = relaxation. Everyone knows that! And just one or two shots will do to help you relax and fall asleep.

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