1. You can tell which of these two has no regrets.

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2. And you thought frat boys were bad for passing out – this poor baby can’t even take a daytime nap without becoming art.

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3. If given the choice, you just know they wouldn’t want to wash this off for weeks. Thats why kids are crazy.

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4. Yeah, they’re cute – but I feel like the body paint has awoken some primal ‘children of the corn’ stuff here. Parents probably haven’t been heard from since.

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5. Dad was in a bad mood so he went to sleep, and woke up feeling blue…

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6. Some girls just wear too much makeup these days…

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7. That face would be hard to get mad at. This is why you buy the protection plan for everything that costs more than 5 dollars when you have kids.

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8. Excuse me Satan, have you seen my daughter?

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