15 People To Remind You That Life Can Always Get Worse (FAIL!)

There’s unlucky, and then there is really, really, unlucky. Murphy’s Law a thousand times over. But you can use these photos to your advantage and to assist in dealing with your own bad luck. Simply turn to these photos and tell yourself, it could always be worse. Sometimes you have to just pack it up and simply call it a day. Especially the people in these photos. It’s all uphill from here for these folks, and that hill is looking to be a heck of a climb.

1. Now what?

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2. You had ONE job to do

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3. I like how the instinct here is to stop and snap a picture when you see flames. I mean, really?

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5. When the icing has fallen off the cupcake, is there really anything left in this world to live for?

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7. You know that there will be that one jerk who is going to slap him right on the sunburn and laugh when this guy shrieks in agony

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8. He thought the elephant crossing sign was a joke…

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9. This is why the ex-lax diet is NEVER a good idea

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10. Now how is he supposed to enjoy the chocolatey goodness of his snack pack???

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11. It’s okay…I didn’t really want to keep the bike anyway…

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12. I think I’m more angry at the person who had the audacity to be clumsy enough to desecrate the mac n’ cheese

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13. He just wanted to unwind with a cold-one, but the heavens above did not smile down upon him

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14. This is the stuff trust issues are made of

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15. Words to live by…

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16. I have a feeling that the people who make glass doors are just sadistic jerks who get pleasure out of situations like this

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