Texas ‘Mama Bear’ Who Pulled Police Chase Suspect From Car Gets Shocking News: ‘I Can’t Believe It’

Remember the “mama bear” from Texas who shocked news reporters on live TV as she ripped a car chase suspect out of his vehicle? The suspect had smashed her minivan as she was waiting to pick up her young daughter from school.

Well, a local car dealership has now made a generous offer to this brave mom.

It all started when a dangerous high-speed chase occurred, all the result of an armed robbery suspect fleeing the scene of the crime. And it all unfolded live on TV, until the final conclusion occurred. Jessica Liesmann was commended by the police for assisting in ending this dangerous chase. She slammed the suspect on the pavement and then detained him until the cops came.

But the end result was a badly damaged car which was not even able to make a turn. No doubt Liesmann was seriously bummed. But then Southwest Kia from neighboring Mesquite stepped in.

A free loaner car was to be offered to the “mama bear” when she arrived at the dealership. At least that’s what she thought. Jessica worked at the local Arby’s and definitely needed some transportation to work as well as for driving her kids around town.

The local business decided to go a step beyond providing a loaner car. A big step.

Jessica was presented with a showing of three new cars, and then was asked to pick her favorite one, to keep!

“We’re going to donate a car and you’re going to tell me which one you want,” the dealership’s Bill Dickason told her, as KTVT-TV reported.

Liesmann went for the KIA Sedona van. It’s valued at about $35,000. She was absolutely floored by the generosity Everything was covered by the dealership. The expenses, taxes, everything.

“Oh my God, I’m shaking. Amazing. Amazing. It means the world to me. Like, literally everything. For all the generosity. I can’t believe it. I just can’t. It’s amazing,” she said.

As a bonus for Valentine’s Day, a giant teddy bear was presented by the Kia dealership to “mama bear.”

“I cannot believe that right now. I just can’t crying or I’ll start crying, okay? I’ll try not to, They’re happy tears.”

A big, huge teddy bear hug to you Jess! Thank you for your bravery!

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