Turn Your Smartphone Into A Blacklight In 5 Easy Steps

So you are out treasure hunting at thrift stores and come across some antiques or some questionable paintings that look much more valuable than the twenty five dollar price tag they have on them. We’ve all heard of the million dollar finds at thrift stores, and what if it suddenly appears that you may have come across the jackpot? It looks original, the signature is familiar, but is it a modern rip off? Is the antique you are looking at really all original and as old as it appears?

If you have a black light you can do some sleuthing on the spot by investigating for touch ups, repairs and other methods of deeming authentic.

Most people don’t have access to such and will simply take the plunge and buy the painting or antique piece. Then later they will pay even more money to have it checked out by someone who can do black light based authentication.

But taking the plunge on every $25 painting can add up quickly. Not to mention authentication fees. It’d be so much easier to save your money and authenticate yourself right there on the spot.

Well now you can. You can actually make your cell phone into a black light. Not only to authentic antiques and paintings, but you can also use it to authenticate glassware, porcelain as well as identifying everything from stains to fingerprints.

This amazingly simple tutorial will show you how to use your phone as an investigative tool. You need some markers, tape and a smart phone, and then you will be on your way and out the door for some serious treasure hunting and authenticating!

Step 1 : Supplies
Step 2 : Prepare the tape
Step 3: Place the Tape on Correctly
Step 4: Add a blue layer
Step 5: Add a purple layer


You officially have a working black light! 



Amazing! I just hope you don’t instantly regret seeing what can’t be unseen. Gross!

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