A Whale Kept Swimming Up. Then FIshermen Noticed Something Was Surpisingly Wrong

Often times it is cute when a wild animal suddenly becomes playful and amusing to humans.

But what happens when that playful wild animal is an enormous whale? This is what a couple of fisherman in Sydney came across when returning from a fishing trip. A whale approached their boat and began to act playful, going as far as giving their boat a little nudge! It was also seemingly playing peek-a-boo with two while shooting out water. The fisherman were in total disbelief.

But upon further notice the fisherman realized something wasn’t right. Stuck to the whale’s mouth was fishing wire and a plastic bag. This can cause serious harm to marine life. Was the whale trying to ask for help in removing this dangerous debris? It appeared so.The men reached out and were actually able to grab the hazardous debris from the whale’s mouth. And in return it appears as if the whale was so appreciative of the action that it swam around for a few more moments slapping it’s big fin on the water’s surface, expressing it’s joy!

The whole experience was said to be absolutely amazing. The fisherman took a selfie of the moment, while another fisherman had actually caught the scenario on camera. Check out this amazing footage that totally blew these guys away!

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