Woman Arrested For Getting Off With Jimmy Dean Sausage In Walmart Bathroom

What happens when you have a s*xually aroused woman who finds herself in the Walmart frozen food section where a package of Jimmy Dean sausages are staring her in the face?

Why of course you have a woman who simply has no choice but to shoplift the sausage, and quickly make her way to a bathroom stall to get it on, Jimmy Dean style.


Believe it or not, this is indeed what went down in a Louisiana Walmart. Security was informed that a suspicious woman was in the meat aisle and as security cameras reveal, she was stuffing sausages up her shirt. The woman then shuffled to the restroom, where she curiously remained for 30 minutes.

Security eventually went to the restroom, knocking repeatedly on the door. When the woman refused to respond, the security guard announced he was entering and proceeded to unlock the door. What he witnessed was an image which would forever be burned in his mind. This guard may in fact have a legitimate claim for post traumatic stress disorder after seeing what he saw.

The woman, 33-year-old Shaniqua Johnson, was s*xually pleasing herself with the Jimmy Dean sausages.

When the guard’s eye’s lit up wide and he froze, Shaniqua simply continued on with doing what she was doing. She simply looked at the guard and continued inserting the sausages in and out of her repeatedly, the pace increasing as the guard simply stood in disillusion and disbelief.

“She didn’t even stop. She just stared at me and kept going.”

Shaniqua is a large lady, while the security guard only tipped the scales at 140. He became frightened at what might occur if he interrupted her s*xually charged act of sausage pleasuring, so he turned around and fled as fast as he could. He then called police.

It would take 7 women police officers to finally detain Shaniqua, who remarkably was still masturbating with a pack of sausages from the shoplifted box.

The charges are multiple: shoplifting, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest. Walmart management made a statement that they do not tolerate this behavior and will assist authorities however they can. They made it clear in their statement that they have a strict policy against shoplifters and always have a sign posted right on the bathroom door which clearly states that, “No merchandise allowed beyond this point.”

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