This Camper May Look Odd, But Once You See Inside, You’ll Wish You Owned One.

When it comes to camping, there is always something for everyone. Enjoying the great outdoors can involve everything from massive RV’s to super minimal one-man tents. Henry Ford used to take outdoor excursions with buddies Thomas Edison and real estate agent Edward Kingsford. His outdoor adventures greatly popularized camping. They also popularized charcoal briquettes. Ford sold grills and charcoal directly through his dealerships. He packaged the concept of camping, while he tied in the freedom offered with the automobile.

Americans loved the outdoors and by the 1950’s they couldn’t get enough, especially when you could bring a little bit of home with you on your camping trips. Though designed half a world away, the Markies trailer carries on this great American tradition.

Created in 1985 by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk, the Markies camper assumes the shape of an unassuming box. But when the sides lower, it’s clear that this is no ordinary trailer.

This is a home away from home as vinyl awnings and clever, collapsible furniture allow this camper to expand.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can either raise or lower the awnings.

You can even sleep under the stars on a clear night.

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