Couple On Meth Arrested For Eating Homeless Man In Central Park

Extremely shocking news is emerging from New York City as a couple high on meth were recently arrested and the crime they have allegedly committed is nothing short of horrific. Police were called as dozens of bystanders reported a couple harassing people in Central Park while jumping up and down and spinning around in circles.


32-year-old Matthew Scroggins and his girlfriend Martha Childress, 42, were screaming in circles until they suddenly stopped and seemed to disappear from the area. But it turns out they hadn’t left. They just couldn’t be seen, and since they were preoccupied with something else, they refrained themselves from their previous screaming. That preoccupation turned out to be a homeless man who the couple had hidden in the bushes as they crouched over him, silencing his screams. The police had been actively searching for the couple when they came across what can only be described as utterly horrific circumstances.

“We found a couple that met the description of the 911 calls we had been receiving,” said Lieut. Philip Washburn. “We identified ourselves and asked them to turn around. When they did, their faces were covered with blood and the homeless man was crying for help. They had already eaten off every single one of his fingers and began chewing off his toes when we arrived on the scene.”

The police immediately tased the couple as they feared they could be attacked and were not sure if any weapons were involved. Turns out the couple did indeed lunge at the officers anyway. The officer on the scene explains:

“We didn’t know if they were armed, or if they would attack us. We tasered both of them, but they still were able to lunge towards us. So two other officers used their tasers as well, which finally subdued them.”

The homeless individual is in stable condition, but has lost all ten fingers, and four of his toes. The couple have been arrested and remain under mental evaluation.

According to the couple, they had not eaten in five days, and simply were left with no choice but to dine on a homeless man. They explained to law enforcement that they chose the most down on his luck individual who likely had very little going on for himself. The made the following statement to authorities:

“No choice but to eat the homeless man since he had nothing going for him anyway.”

Indeed both were high on meth as tests came back confirming the presence of high level methamphetamines in both their systems.

No word yet on what the couple will face as far as charges go.

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