NASA will pay you 18000 USD to stay in bed and smoke weed for 70 straight days


There are jobs we tolerate, jobs we enjoy, and even jobs we call “dream jobs”. But every now and then comes a rare form of employment which is beyond anything you could ever imagine. A so-called “dream job” doesn’t even come close to the type of employment we are talking about. Even with a dream job you still have to work. This job is so awesome that it’s almost surreal.

Who could provide such a rare opportunity at the surreal type of gig we are talking about? NASA! No, this isn’t about going up into space and doing all that type of stuff. You have to go through a lot of training for that. With this gig you do get to go to space, sort of. You get to get “spaced out” at least, aka stoned. On a daily basis. While lying in bed doing nothing.

Yes, NASA is looking for people to participate in the so-called “Rest Studies” program where the lucky candidates will spend 70 straight days getting completely stoned off of all kinds of different strains of weed, while lying in bed all day. Oh, and you get 18 grand as well.


As long as you stay in bed you’re all good. You can play video games, read books, draw pictures, go online and smoke cannabis all the time.

Here’s the actual purpose of this study:

Apparently the experiment is to find a way to preserve an astronaut’s safety and health while they are doing their space travel for extended periods of time. It actually makes sense as zero gravity means that there is no strain on your muscles. They want to figure out how marijuana can influence the body.


The body changes that occur during space travel need to be analyzed and this is a more accessible way to do so.

The three main goals of the project are the following:

1) Understanding how one’s changing physiology in space may affect the process of certain missions.

2) Understanding the impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in particular tasks.

3) Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose.

There are going to be two study groups in the program. One which will exercise, and the other that won’t. The exercise crowd will engage in special lying down training while smoking weed, while the non-exercisers can just kick back, smoke weed, and not exercise at all.


The program is going to last from 97 days for the non- exercisers and 105 days for the exercisers. The non-exercisers can move about freely (in and out of bed) for the first 13 days, while the exercise group can roam about for the first 21 days.

But after that, it’s bedtime all the time. Like for 70 days straight! You have bone, muscle and heart tests performed on you, and circulatory and nervous system tests as well as nutritional condition monitoring. How your body fights off infections will also be studied.


The question arises, would this really be worth it?

For many, this really isn’t a question at all. But to get technical about the situation, your body and mind could really get bored in bed for two months. Then again, that thinking gets squashed completely as you are actually getting high every day and playing video games in bed while raking in $1200 a week! And yes, you are also contributing to furthering the ongoing quest of human space exploration, so I think it’s safe to say it’s definitely worth it and then some!

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