This Old Quaint House Has An Interior You’ve Never Quite Seen

A 96-year-old woman from Toronto placed her house on the market last year. From the outside you wouldn’t think much of it. But when interested buyers walked inside, they entered a whole different world.

This woman had lived here for over 70 years, and the inside was like entering a time machine set back to 1950.
Right from the entrance way you are bombarded by classic wallpaper and a very detailed mirror and chair.
 The living room offers up a pink color that goes along with the other pastel colors in this warm and inviting room.

Are these retro armchairs for real? Love them! And just imagine how comfortable they must be.

Now the kitchen is just incredible. Make sure to check out the antique phone. Wow!

But my favorite has to be this breakfast nook. You can imagine the cozy atmosphere that took place for family meals.

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