She Glues Rope Onto An Old Tire To Create Something The Entire Family Would LOVE

One of the most underused recycled materials for craft and furniture builds are used car tires. They are so abundant and ripe to be put to use for creative projects. Now, you may be thinking how nasty looking it might be using a car tire that has traveled many thousands of miles. But with a good wash and paint application you will be stunned at what you can come up with. Here are some prime examples of beautiful, stunning projects where car tires are used for backyards and even the insides of homes!

Any of these configurations will be a hit among your family and friends.

1. Simple spray paint and circular glass. You have very cool and clever looking patio furniture.


Madcap Frenzy

2. Giant teacups from tires? Yep! And your kids will absolutely love playing inside of these fun, outdoor decorative pieces.


Wonderful DIY

3. Tires are easy and very compatible for your kids jungle gym playground!


Blessings Overflowing

4. Have you ever seen backyard lawn furniture like this? Very clever and comfortable as rope is used to provide seating, backing and ottoman foot resting!


5. Speaking of ottomans, no one will ever guess that they are actually kicking their feet up on a pair of tires!


That Was A What?!

6. Don’t just limit yourself to car tires either, you can use a bike tire to create very interesting decor, like this mirror.


Re-Creations Project

7. You can take a slice of tread and use it for things like decorating your car loving child’s window.


Itsy Bits And Pieces

8. Big tires are great for converting into sandboxes!


I Heart Naptime

9. Cut the tire in half, apply a board, some paint, and you have a colorful, little mini-seesaw!


According to Boyle

10. Hang a tire outside and grow flowers or even food out of it!


DIY Show Off

11. You can make the perfect durable pet bed with a tire!


Practically Functional

12. Another tire ladder addition to the playground.


Exploring Domesticity

13. Another tire ladder addition to the playground.



14. Create your own characters out of tires and have them hold some lawn tools.


Wonderful DIY

15. Plant some new flowers by using a tire as the base to keep everything inside.



16. Let’s not forget the classic rope swing!

tire16 NYC Taught Me

17. Alternative tire rope swing.



18. You can get real creative by making unique looking planters or bird feeders.



19. Here are very unique looking tire flower planters which will definitely stand out in your backyard.


Garden Swag

20. Look how you can make your bench ten times more comfortable with tires!


Good Ideas For You

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