[Video] Elderly Woman Tasered, Her Arm Broken, for Not Removing Her Earrings Fast Enough

This all went down in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and it seems to be the latest violent absurdity that police are to blame for. To think all this happened because a 60-year-old woman did not remove her earrings fast enough is causing major outrage. While violent criminals and heavy drug users are roaming the streets freely causing all sorts of problems, Nancy Mason is being stunned with a taser and having her arm broken.

Nancy was being booked in jail, but beforehand she is asked to remove her jewelry to which she initially refuses to do, stating that she will report the officer in charge. The officer says “Report all you want, I will not keep telling you” and then tasers the woman causing her to crash to the ground and break her arm. She then grabs her arm stating that the officer broker it.


The officer states: “I didn’t break your arm, you broke it.”

Even after agreeing that the arm was broken, if not seriously injured, no medical assistance was called, and instead only other officers became present to stand around the woman.

It seems the only way to hit back when these things happen, is to sue the crap out of the police and maybe the cost that they incur will be the deterrent for future behavior not to be abusive.

This is what’s happening here as a $1.75 million lawsuit for alleged use of excessive force by Officer Terrell and the lack of him and four other deputies to do anything to protect her from harm. Mason suffered a fractured wrist from the tasing incident.

Robin Flores, the attorney for the woman, states:

“She was deprived of due process in that she was in a helpless position, or was in the care and control of the government actors, and they failed to protect her.”

The City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County are named in the lawsuit which accuses them of failure to “properly train its officers and agents to intervene and prevent injury.”

Still, all officers are still actively remaining on duty, and the department states that they did nothing wrong.

Due to this latest example of excessive force, not only is Mason fearful of police presence, but everyone who learns what happened in this situation is becoming more suspect of the police. This is during a time when community policing is supposed to be the way to practice proper policing in order to try and improve the negative attitudes that the public has when it comes to officers of the law.

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