20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

This post was written by Brianna Wiest and originally appeared on Thought Catalog.

#1. You paid the bills this month. Perhaps you even had a bit left to spend on some comfort items. It does not matter how much you belabored over bills, you figured it out and they got out and got paid.

#2. You question yourself. Okay, so you doubt yourself, you question your life, you lie in misery some days; all this means is that you are open for growth. You are self aware. You are objective. You are always putting it out there, that perhaps there is a better way. This is the best approach to take. Open and questioning, rather than closed off and denying.

#3. You have a job.  Whatever your pay, whatever your hours, you are bringing in some money that will allow you to eat and stay warm. Failure is not envisioning something in a different way than you had thought it would look. You are taking responsibility for yourself and that is key.

#4. You have time to do something you enjoy.  If relaxing on the couch, getting a pizza, and checking out a movie on the television is something you enjoy, then that’s great. You are practicing an enjoyable act and for that you should feel lucky.

#5. You are not worried about where your next meal is coming from.  You have food in the fridge. And there is actually enough to be able to pick and choose. You are more lucky than most in the world.

#6. You can eat because you enjoy it. Enjoying your food is a huge plus. It is not just a matter of pure survival.

#7. You have one or two truly close friends.  The number of people in your tribe has no bearing on your overall happiness. At the end of the day, it is having those one or two individuals close to you that makes the real difference. A few close individuals who care, beats out a social media count in the hundreds time and again.

#8. You could afford a subway ride, cup of coffee, or the gas in your car this morning. It’s the little things in life that matter. That hot cup of coffee from the cafe can be a constant reminder of how lucky you are to be able to enjoy the little things.

#9. You’re not the same person you were a year ago. Through learning you evolve. You can identify the various ways in which you have changed, the good and the bad, and you can adjust accordingly.

#10. You have the time and means to do things beyond the bare minimum.  You likely don’t have to work 24/7 and you can enjoy going to concerts, buying books and reading, taking day or weekend trips – these are the little luxurious which you should absorb and appreciate fully.

#11. You have a selection of clothing at your disposal. You have gloves, hats, and boots and won’t be stranded in a winter blizzard freezing to death. You have clothes for the summer and outfits for special events. You can costume yourself in any way you like.

#12. You can sense what isn’t right in your life. Awareness is the key. Being able to communicate to yourself on whether something is right or not right is the first step to identifying the problem.

#13. If you could talk to your younger self, you would be able so say: “We did it, we made it out, we survived that terrible thing.”   Past traumas are often hauled around like old pieces of luggage. But if only you could hear an earlier version of yourself, they would say, “leave the baggage alone, you are going to be alright.”

#14. You have a space of your own.  If it’s a home or an apartment then that is great. But if it is a room, a desk, a vehicle or somewhere you can rest at your discretion then that is great as well. A place where you can govern who gets to be part of your strange little world and to what degree, is an awesome control that we have.

#15. You’ve lost relationships.   Opening yourself up to the possibility of something else being out there was the most important thing. Loss or mistakes made always happen and always will. Experiencing loss is part of the human condition and can only serve as a lesson for  the future.

#16. You’re interested in something. Something intrigues you and you explore it. Arts, crafts, observing, movie watching, book reading, whatever your interest, it is there.

#17. You know how to take care of yourself. You are aware on the hours of sleep you need, how you like to have fun, what to do when you don’t feel well, and what foods to eat to make you feel better. You know you.

#18. You’re working toward a goal. However vague or seemingly out there it may be, it is there. It’s a dream and you are in some manner working towards it, even if it is just putting thought into it (which is in fact a powerful tool for achieving it).

#19. But you’re not uncompromisingly set on anything for your future.  The happiest are those who make any moment or situation the most ideal. Being immersed in the moment is the key, no matter where you are or where you live. Being flexible for the future and going with the flow is what works best.

#20. You’ve been through some crap. Challenges happen. Challenges in the past you thought you would never get over, you have. Challenges don’t disappear, you just get smarter in dealing with them.

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